OpenXC CAN Translator



The CAN translation module code runs on an Arduino-compatible microcontroller connected to one or more CAN buses. It receives either all CAN messages or a filtered subset, performs any unit conversion or factoring required and outputs a generic version to a USB interface.

The firmware supports multiple microcontrollers.

Pre-built Binary

If you’ve downloaded a pre-built binary for a specific vehicle, see the Flashing a Pre-compiled Binary section for instructions on how to flash your CAN translator. Most users do not need to set up the full development described in these docs.

A Windows driver for the USB interface is available in the conf/windows-driver folder. The driver supports both 32- and 64-bit Windows. The driver is generated using the libusb-win32 project.

Output Interfaces & Format

The OpenXC message format is specified and versioned separately from any of the individual OpenXC interfaces or libraries, in the OpenXC Message Format repository.


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