Ford Prototype Vehicle Interface

To build for the Ford prototype, compile with the flag PLATFORM=FORDBOARD.

Flashing a Pre-compiled Firmware

Pre-compiled binaries (built with the BOOTLOADER flag enabled, see all compiler flags) are compatible with the OpenLPC USB bootloader - follow the instructions for Flashing User Code to update the vehicle interface.


The OpenLPC USB bootloader is tested and working, and enables the LPC17xx to appear as a USB drive. See the documentation in that repository for instructions on how to flash the bootloader (a JTAG programmer is required).


USB Bootloader

If you are running a supported bootloader, you don’t need any special programming hardware. Compile the firmware to run under the bootloader:

$ make clean

The compiled firmware will be located at build/lpc17xx/cantranslator-lpc17xx.bin. See the :doc:`bootloaders </installation/bootloaders>`_ page for instructions on how to load the firmware.

Bare Metal

Once the dependencies are installed, attach a JTAG adapter to your computer and the CAN translator, then compile and flash:

$ make clean

The config files in this repository assume your JTAG adapter is the Olimex ARM-USB-OCD unit. If you have a different unit, modify the src/lpc17xx/ Makefile to load your programmer’s OpenOCD configuration.


On the LPC17xx, UART1 is used for OpenXC output at the 230000 baud rate. Like on the chipKIT, hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) is enabled, so CTS must be pulled low by the receiving device before data will be sent.

  • Pin 2.0 - UART1 TX, connect this to the RX line of the receiver.
  • Pin 2.1 - UART1 RX, connect this to the TX line of the receiver.
  • Pin 2.2 - UART1 CTS, connect this to the RTS line of the receiver.
  • Pin 2.7 - UART1 RTS, connect this to the CTS line of the receiver.

Debug Logging

Logging will be on UART0, which is exposed on the bottom of the board at J3, a 5-pin ISP connector.

LED Lights

The Ford prototype has 2 RGB LEDs.


  • CAN activity detected - Blue
  • No CAN activity on either bus - Off


  • USB connected, Bluetooth not connected - Green
  • Bluetooth connected, USB in either state - Blue
  • Neither USB or Bluetooth connected - Off

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