OpenXC Vehicle Interface Firmware


The OpenXC vehicle interface (VI) firmware runs on a microcontroller connected to one or more CAN buses. It receives either all CAN messages or a filtered subset, performs any unit conversion or factoring required and outputs a generic version to a USB, Bluetooth or network interface.


This portion of the site covers advanced topics such as writing and compiling your own firmware from source. These steps are NOT required for flashing a pre-compiled binary firmware.

If you’ve downloaded a pre-built binary firmware for your car, locate your VI in the list of supported interfaces to find instructions for programming it. You don’t need anything from the VI firmware documentation itself - most users don’t need anything in this documentation. Here be dragons!


Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Ford Motor Company

Licensed under the BSD license.

This software depends on other open source projects, and a binary distribution may contain code covered by other licenses.