NGX Blueboard LPC1768-H

To build for the Blueboard, compile with the flag PLATFORM=BLUEBOARD.


On the LPC17xx, UART1 is used for OpenXC output at the 230000 baud rate. Like on the chipKIT, hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) is enabled, so CTS must be pulled low by the receiving device before data will be sent.

  • Pin 2.0 - UART1 TX, connect this to the RX line of the receiver.
  • Pin 2.1 - UART1 RX, connect this to the TX line of the receiver.
  • Pin 2.2 - UART1 CTS, connect this to the RTS line of the receiver.
  • Pin 2.7 - UART1 RTS, connect this to the CTS line of the receiver.

UART data is sent only if pin 0.18 is pulled high. If you are using a Bluetooth module like the BlueSMiRF from SparkFun, you need to hard-wire 5v into pin 0.18 to actually enabling UART. Other hardware implementations (like the Ford Reference VI) may be able to hook the Bluetooth connection status to this pin instead, to make the status of UART more dynamic.

UART Debug Logging

In most cases the logging provided via USB is sufficient, but if you are doing low-level development and need the simpler UART interface, you can enable it with the UART_LOGGING Makefile flag.

On the Blueboard LPC1768H, logging will be on UART0 at 115200 baud:

  • Pin 0.2 - UART0 TX, connect this to the RX line of the receiver
  • Pin 0.3 - UART0 RX, connect this to the TX line of the receiver

LED Lights

LEDs are not currently supported on the Blueboard.