CrossChasm C5 Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth Low Energy Specifications

The Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE protocol supports communication through a GATT server - client architecture. The device hosts a single service with following read and write characteristic UUIDs -

  • Service 6800-d38b-423d-4bdb-ba05-c9276d8453e1
  • Write Characteristic 6800-d38b-5262-11e5-885d-feff819cdce2
  • Notify Characteristic 6800-d38b-5262-11e5-885d-feff819cdce3

The phone application or the GATT client should enable notifications on the notify characteristic in order to recieve OpenXC messages from the device. The write characteristic can be used to send commands and configuration messages to the device.

Connection Details

To connect to C5_BLE using a host such as a Smart Phone, the application must perform a scan of available bluetooth low devices in the network. The C5_BLE device includes the 128 bit service UUID in its scan response payload. The phone application should then attempt to connect to this device once a match is found. After establishing connection sucessfully over BLE the host application must enable notifications, failing to do so will result in automatic drop in connection after a timeout.

Sleep Mode

In the power saving mode the power to the BLE radio is shut-off

LED Lights

The BLE_C5 has 2 user controllable LEDs. When CAN activity is detected, the green LED will be enabled. When USB or bluetooth low energy is connected, the blue LED will be enabled. If CAN is silent the red LED will be enabled. All LEDs will be turned off when sleep mode is entered


UART for Debug logging or commands is not available on the C5_BLE device.