CrossChasm C5 Cellular

The C5 Cellular device requires an OBD-II to DB9 Serial cable (which is included) in the shipment. This requires the device to be attached elsewhere in the vehicle since it does not plug directly into the port.

Users are required to supply their own SIM card. The SIM card is the Mini-SIM (2FF) size that supports 3G GSM.

The C5 Cellular device also has it’s own GPS signal which can be configured to be inserted into the OpenXC JSON data.

TeLit Power Source

It is important to note that the TeLit radio (the 3G modem) is powered from the OBD-II 12V power supply. Therefore, in USB powered emulator mode, the radio will not send data or respond to commands unless there is also a benchtop 12V supply to the device.

Sample Web Server

The below project is a sample Azure server to receive data from a C5 Cellular device.

Configuration Options

For full description of all the compile options for the Cellular connection, see C5 Cellular Configuration Options